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“I am a 70 year old female and have experienced bladder infections all of my life.  This past year I had one every month for 3 months straight.  I was concerned so decided to seek a urologist.  After having a scope, cat scan, x rays, sonogram and etc. I was diagnosed with an overactive bladder.  The medication that was recommended was not covered by my insurance due to the fact it is a new drug and no generic form of the medicine is available.  So I started on Oxybutynin twice daily.  One of the side effects is dry mouth-I thought I should be able to manufacture cotton from my mouth it was so dry.  There were certain foods I could not eat because I was not able to swallow as well.  On a visit back to the medical doctor I mentioned this so he again prescribed the medication that my insurance had denied.  I was sent the medication and much to my surprise the cost was over $300 for a 3 month supply.   

I happened to talk to Dr. Frey about my situation and he suggested some exercises and 2 different types of herbs.  Oh my, the difference in my health is amazing after starting the herbs less than a week ago.   I am still able to drink my 8 to 9 glasses of water a day and have the control I did when I was on the prescription.  My overall health is under control and no side effects from the herbs.  I have so much more energy and am sleeping so much better at night.   

I can’t thank Dr. Frey enough for his suggestions to my problem.  He certainly is the most caring doctor I have ever been in contact with.  He truly wants of be of help when you are experiencing any health issues. 

I would certainly give Dr. Frey a score of 10 out of 10. “

– Beverly K.

“I first met Dr. Matt Frey at the encouragement of my primary care Doctor after I had complained of neck popping and crunching and back pain. I was doubtful of acupuncture but quickly decided it was worth a try as my doctor, whom I trust, believes in the treatment. 

After a few treatments I realized that the pain was diminishing and I was generally feeling better. It’s been 4 months now and the pain in my back and neck is all but gone, my neck only pops occasionally, and he has even been successful in relieving pain in my shoulder from a fall that I have been suffering from for 27 years! 

Dr. Frey is kind, caring and compassionate, and he does not inflict pain in his treatments. He is an excellent listener and communicates with you throughout your treatments to assess your level of pain and/or comfort. 

I will, and do, recommend Dr. Frey to anyone and everyone who suffers with pain.” 

– Gail M.

“I am an extremist and exercise is no exception.   No surprise, I took one boot camp style fitness class and was hooked.  Weight melted off, and I found strength beyond just the physical in the euphoria producing struggle.  I stretched every day, often for half an hour. 

About three months into this, the pain hit.  I started losing sleep because the aches in my hips and shoulders woke me.  Tylenol P.M. became a friend by night and Traumeel with Advil by day.

It was at this point that my friend Matt noticed my pain and invited me to his office.  He not only pointed out the elements of my behavior that were causing the pain, but also gave me his recipe for living at ease and in health.  I took every suggestion (even sleeping on my back!) and in less than two weeks I was reunited with a comfortable body! 

Trusting a person’s advice is one thing, following it is another and I will forever be grateful that I follow Matt’s skillful coaching.  Thank You Dr. Frey.”

– Rob G.

“Not long ago, I was diagnosed with arthiritis in my knees. Being a Jazzercise Instructor and having made the decision to participate in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure 60 mile walk, I was not happy to learn that I was to just take ibuprofen as needed. I wanted to be able to continue teaching my classes to the best of my ability and complete the 60 mile walk without too much pain. I decided to seek out acupuncture. Matt Frey was highly recommended. Upon my first visit, I was immensely impressed by his vast knowledge and complete confidence that he could offer me some relief. He also suggested some daily exercises to help strengthen the knee area. The combination of several acupuncture sessions and compliance with the exercises gave me much needed relief from the pain. I was able to teach class without a support brace and the 3 Day walk was a breeze! Matt is extremely knowledgeable and lets you know what he is doing for you. It was a pleasure to be treated by him.”

– Patti H.

“I can’t express how much your effort/healing mean to my whole being. You have put me back to finding and trying to keep this inner peace I feel after each treatment.

My whole world is brighter and better today because of you -you are like sunshine in my life…

Looking forward to next appt.”

– Mary R.

“After 1 1/2 years and 2 outpatient surgeries for Vertebroplasty (Kyphoplasty) due to lower and later upper spinal fractures – said to be caused by osteoporosis – many outpatient pain management surgeries that never worked.  The only relief was pain pills.  All of this pain management stuff was not helping.  I was worn out from all the meds for the surgery.  I had bad reactions to most and was sick and tired of this traditional treatment. I wanted something natural.  No more surgeries.  There had to be a better way.  I went to a Spine Center to seek advice.  They suggested a very risky spine surgery which involved cutting the spine, clearing out all the arthritis and then closing the spine with screws. Being so run down already, I knew my body was not ready for another trauma. That’s when I decided I wanted to try Acupuncture.  I originally started for help with my spine.  However for the first 6 months, I incurred many bad leg injuries and they treated me mainly for that.  The results were great.  The legs healed along with my health and spirit.  At this time, Matt Frey was miraculously introduced to my life and health-care.  I knew from the start he was a very exceptional, gifted -knowledgeable practitioner .  He asked more questions about the whole body  and was interested in every aspect of my health and care.  From the start of his treatment with acupuncture and hands on manual therapy, I felt so much better.  He kept studying and looking for answers to every problem I incurred.  After the cement surgeries, my husband had noticed my spine started to curve dramatically.  I had developed Scoliosis and a pinched nerve.  After a few weeks of Matts treatment with acupuncture and  especially the magic hands on treatment, the spine is less curved.  I am  walking straighter and better.  I now have faith, hope,renewed strength.  My life is better after every treatment. Matt is a genius and very committed.  I am so grateful to be one of his patients.”

– Rosemarie V.

“I hurt my left biceps tendon at age 19 and treated the chronic pain with advil and motrin. After two years of not being able to use my arm for much more than appearing symmetrical, I finally sought medical treatment only to be told by my MD that I was a “pain patient” and would have pain the rest of my life. At 21, I found this very hard to believe but figured if my medical provider didn’t have any treatment to offer, there was no hope. For the next six years, (that’s right, SIX YEARS) I continued the same regimen of advil every day to dull the pain. I was never able to work out using my shoulders. One push up literally felt like someone was jabbing a sharp knife into my shoulder joint. This was crushing to me as it was my dream to join the US Army. Finally, a friend of mine urged me to try acupuncture, and I’m so glad she did. Within a few weeks of treatment with acupuncture along with completing regular rehabilitation exercises suggested by Matt, I was virtually pain free. I continued with acupuncture and the physical therapy exercises for 6 months, and by the end, I was able to do push ups and other shoulder exercises regularly. I have been in the Army since June 2011 and consistently score at or above 90 points on the push up event of the Army Physical Fitness Test. I am pain free and thriving in my dream career. I could not have done it without Matt! His extensive training and knowledge in various all-natural treatment modalities is beyond compare. He was not only able to treat my pain, but CURE it.”

– Val S.

“I was referred to Matt for a running related injury. I tore my iliopsoas muscle in several places and developed bursitis in my left hip.  At the time, I had been dealing with the injury for several months. I saw an Orthopedic specialist and was treated by several different physical therapists, and a massage therapist yet I still couldn’t move the toes on the leftside of my foot, barely walked, and had sharp pain shooting from my leg thru my back with the simplest of activities. I walked into my appointment with Matt–in pain, frustrated, angry, and afraid I would never run again. Immediately Matt put me at ease. He spoke with me in an open manner.  He was sufficiently concerned and clearly dedicated to help. As we began treatments, Matt displayed nurturing mindfulness, keen insight, and a savant like understanding of the body. Within the first week, the pain dramatically lessened and within a couple of months I was able to start jogging. Later, I discovered Matt had studied the body and its’ inner workings on multiple levels, from various points of views within several major specialities, and disciplines. This only confirmed my feeling that Matt is a genius.  Whats more, he is immeasurably compassionate, attentive, and committed. I profoundly respect, trust, and revere Matt as a person and a practitioner.”

– Ayele H.

“I am a 55yo, white male that has had active athletic history for over 12 years. My early life included a competitive progression to high school and college football , while working towards a career as a Pharmacist and still practicing presently.  In addition, over the past 30 years I have maintained an active lifestyle aerobically, and after having Gastric Bypass surgery and losing over 120 pounds, I felt the desire to train again and compete in several Sprint Triathlons.  Unfortunately, do to the aging process, the large frame, and sports pounding, my back and knees were the first to show pain, stiffness, and swelling.  Through treatment from Matt Frey, involving Acupuncture and routine stretching, I have been able to continue my active desires and control a case of Iliotibial band friction syndrome.  After some brief visits, I was able to stay on my regimen of swimming, biking, and running.  Matt has an extensive knowledge of Anatomy and Acupuncture, as well as providing me a “must do” daily stretching regimen to keep my back and knees in condition to achieve my aerobic and cardio needs.  His plan has helped me improve and maintain healthy and happy living.”

– Tim H.

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Leave your name and email address here to receive a free copy of our ebook.

How To Thrive In The Modern World: A Layperson's Guide To Chinese Medicine

Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.